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We all love technology directly or indirectly. Anything that makes our life easier, more secure or just simply “fun” works. It’s no wonder that practical applications for the internet have been ubiquitous and their numbers are growing by the day even after close to 30 years. Most likely this trend will accelerate even more. For the majority of people in the West our always connected smartphones and laptops have become the center of our daily operations and we can safely say that it’s here to stay.

As the IT world gets more and more sophisticated, new technologies — like blockchain — emerge. They all come with a new promise, never before seen solutions for certain, much desired everyday applications. It is no wonder that financial solutions have been on the forefront in this fairly new technology cos they assure us of a decentralized, safe store of value that nobody – even the most powerful governments of the world – can take away. (Let’s just think of recent financial crises when governments socialized pension funds and people’s savings just because they had the power to do so.) Once crypto currencies become somewhat more stable and universally accepted, a new financial era will begin. (It’s no wonder that Facebook wants a large piece of that pie with their Libra, let’s be honest.)

Technologies, however, have been dreamed of, conceptualized and created by flesh and blood humans. People who wake up, kiss their girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands or wifes and their kids goodbye and go to work with the aim of making the world a better place one small step at a time. Hi5 Blockchain Alliance has been created to show you these people what really drives them every single day.

We believe that once technology is humanized and brought closer to those interested by showing the people behind seemingly complex and hard to understand concepts can make a big difference in market adaptation. In simple terms if you know who did what and why, you may be more inclined to start using tools you wouldn’t otherwise.

We want to show you people behind the blockchain through their personal stories. Follow us and find out first hand what drives these innovators and where they come from.

Tamas Gyertyanagi

Tamas Gyertyanagi


Benjamin Borsodi

Benjamin Borsodi

Project Manager

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